Monday, April 30, 2012

Going Orange for the 'Cuse

Yesterday, my mom and I submitted my official enrollment and housing deposit to Syracuse University. In a matter of months I will be in New York as a college student. This is my Californian dream. I will be giving up the comfort of Californian weather and the hospitality of my adoring parents in order to build on to my already amazing life. I am ready for this sacrifice because, obviously, adventure is out there.
My new school colors!
In addition to the campus beauty, I was intrigued by Syracuse University in several different aspects. These include the program surrounding my major, the music program, and the school spirit.

At SU, I will be majoring in Advertising at the S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications. This is a combination of everything I am interested in: consumerism, creativity, critical thinking, and working with people. The great thing about SU is that their programs are accredited to meet the standards of top corporations seeking to employ students. I also met with the chair of the department of advertising and he took me under his wing to plan out my classes for the fall. It was comforting to know that I could meet up with the SU staff so easily after e-mailing them a night before. Everyone who works at SU is incredibly friendly, helpful, and happy. I am excited to be in an environment that has an admirable focus on students.

My school at Syracuse University!

I am definitely a band kid. Currently, I am the drum major of my 93-member high school marching band and the trombone section leader in the symphonic band. I intend to continue playing trombone in college. Music is critical to enjoying life. It relieves stress and it allows me to create something beautiful with a group of people with a similar passion. I will be ending my marching band career in high school but I already signed up for the pep band (that plays at the Division I basketball games). I also signed up for the Wind Ensemble, Concert Band, and Symphonic Band. I will have my balance of hyped up band kids and professional concert musicians. Another aspiration of mine is to become Otto the Orange, SU’s mascot. We will see how that turns out for me.

My high school marching band at the El Sobrante Stroll.
School spirit is very important to me. I want to be proud of where to go to college, and Syracuse University is the perfect fit. The students there scream for their sports teams and they are a big, loving, orange community. I visited SU during the Spring Reception and every student I talked to told me that choosing SU was the best decision of their life. My favorite part of campus visits are the tours. I really want to be a tour guide when I get to college. That way, I will be able to show other people how much I love the school I am going to.

See you in the fall, Syracuse University!

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