Tuesday, November 22, 2011

L'Adventure to LaGuardia

I woke up this morning at 2:15 feeling not exactly dandy, but nevertheless I was ready to start my solo trek across the United States. School was starting in 5 hours and I was excited that I didn't have to go. TAKE THAT! No worries. I printed out all the GoPo homework that I needed to do.
Here are the things I did all by myself, like the seasoned traveler I am. Let's keep in mind that this is my first time traveling alone even though I have gone to Washington DC for a week and Brown University for a month without my parents. This time I did not even have chaperones. It was grand.

-Checked in my bags
-Found my gate
-Looked old so that people wouldn't pickpocket me
-Choose my own seat (which was an aisle seat in the second row on each flight)
-Transfer flights
-Baggage claim
-Reserved and boarded SuperShuttle.
-Made my way to Grand Central Station

LaGuardia was a zoo, but I managed to find where I was supposed to go. I realized that airports are just like any other form of public transportation. There's transfers and delays and tons of other people. But everyone was really friendly and I did not get lost.

I enjoyed watching fathers and sons bond on several trips on the moving walkway. They were totally stoked. Lots of babies in carriers and young couples. Also, I sorta want to work an at airport as a flight attendant. Think of the travel opportunities!

Connor and I spent the night exploring the campus. I beat him in Connect Four. We Skyped Gwenna. I took a shower and almost burned myself. There are areas outside that steam because of the hot water pipes.

I'm tired. I was gonna work on supplements for Brown. Maybe tomorrow.

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