Friday, July 15, 2011

The Bounce House

I only woke up early today because I had to pee.

I am back at Forensics Camp today. It was great to see a ton of familiar faces back at the high school. There were some new faces as well, but they made themselves unapproachable at the back of the room. Diego is starting Forensics! My coach thought that was cute.

The topic that the Parliamentary and Public Forum teams were discussing today was the following:
"Forensics should not debate sensitive religious issues." Thank you to Marc who remembered that resolution from a previous debate. First, Marcus made us define our resolution and then find pro and con positions. It is fun to think critically again. I found myself contributing to the argument a lot more this time around. I think the idea of being a senior in high school gives me strength and confidence. I cannot wait until the year begins.

Zeke is a great person. I actually got to talk to him today. After our drive-by bounce house jumping (it had to be done. It was RIGHT THERE. Unattended. What would YOU have done?), he walked me home and we had excellent conversation. We spanned topics of leaving a lasting impression at Pinole Valley, living life to the fullest, and being the change we want to see in our community. We want to act and change Pinole. People need to stop waiting for something to happen.

We chilled in my garage for about two hours and Zeke told me about his experience an Interact Rotary Club summer camp. It was nice to have another person who had a summer camp experience, because we both came backed changed. He told me that he met some real people that went through tough moments in their lives. Zeke said that he would have traded his spot at camp for another person who really needed it. Camp Royal was an emotional step to overcome a challenge in your life so that you could be a strong role model and an effective leader. I told Zeke that his spot at Camp Royal was meant for him. He was sent as an ambassador and he needed to bring back a story to share to people who really need to hear it. If he doesn't share his experience, what was the point? I think that he is a great speaker and a great ambassador. People need to flock over to him and hear all the wonders that he told me.

I ended my day by seeing "The Producers" which was put on by the Pinole Community Players. BRAVO to them. It was hilarious and enjoyable. I sat in the front row with Andrew. Yes, he was my date. Watching the musical made me realize how much I missed theater. I miss the people I grew up with at the Playhouse, the directors, musicians, faculty, and fellow thespians. People say that I should pursue theater, but it is not my main passion. I'm still trying to figure that one out.

My mind is clear and I can focus on whatever I want. There is still plenty to do around the house. And I still want to paint. LIFE.

I raised $17 for the AIDS walk today.

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